Our team of instructional designers are active listeners, effective communicators, and concerned collaborators. Precisely the qualities needed to successfully implement a learning solution. Why? We believe that everyone does not learn the same way: some people may catch on quicker than others. This is also true when designing learning; diversity in learning requires an innovative instructional design approach.

GlobalNet Expressions employs adult learning principles, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation and seamless integration of technology to customize and add uniqueness to your synchronous or asynchronous learning projects. Our content design practices are carefully selected to work for your organization and your end users:

  • ADDIE model – The traditional model used in learning and development. The Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation phases are simple but comprehensive enough to create a generic process for developing instructional materials.
  • SAM model – The Successive Approximation Model allows instructional designers to create highly interactive and effective instructional materials.
  • Rapid-Prototyping technique – Used to quickly fabricate learning experiences of part or an entire assembly improving the instructional materials throughout the life of the project.